Natalie Pigliacampo


2023 Cut Flower Garden

Only the most beautiful flowers for my flower garden.  This year's selection includes:

California Poppy Thai Silk Pink Champagne

Celosia Summer Sherbert Mix

Celosia Vintage Rose Mix

Globe Amaranth Pastel Mix

Iceland Poppy Pastel Meadows

Marigold Starfire Mix

Strawflower Apricot Mix

Strawflower Candy Pink

Strawflower Frosted Sulphur

Sunflower Ruby Eclipse

Sunflower "Pro Cut White Nite

Zinnia Oklahoma Salmon

I am Hawaii-bound for Spring Break and thought to make a collage out of my inspiration for the trip. I call it Tropical Candy. I've been working on looks for the kids and me for the last few weeks. I love documenting our family travels, and it is one of the areas in my life where I am a maximalist. My camera bag will be overflowing this trip with a Fuji Instax Instant camera, a Canon DSLR, a film camera, a drone, and the newest addition, a Go Pro 10. Naturally, because I like an editorial and cinematic look to my work, I knew pre-planning outfits, and a color scheme would be the first step in crafting our Maui story.    

Love Day

I am daydreaming about what I am going to wear on Valentine's Day.  The Wild Rose Annieka Dress by Xirena is perfect. 

Sara Flint Perfect Pump

The Perfect Pump adds elegance to the cool, L.A. vibe of the dress.  

Clare V

I like to dress as if I am about to step out in Paris or any chic european city.  This handbag gives the perfect French moment to the look.    

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