Natalie Pigliacampo

Constellation of Themes

“His constellation of favored themes is distinct: maps, landscapes, windows, still life, interiors, fog, the seaside, the objects in artists’ studios, peopled obscured in some way..” I love this line from Tegu Cole’s New York Times article about the Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri.  I often ask myself, “what kind of photographer do you want to be when you grow up?” The problem with this question is its limits.  I don’t, nor have I ever only photographed one type of thing.  Immediately, I reflected on my distinct themes feeling a deep urge to bring them to higher resolution in my mind and not feel shy about diligently pursuing them, adding to my constellation.  Childhood, flowers, still life, the seaside, artist studios, and interiors.  

Photography by Natalie Pigliacampo

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